Q. What if I have over 200 guests?

A. Per our building occupancy load, events must not exceed 200 guests. Events exceeding 200 guests is against our occupancy load put in place by the Tulsa County Fire Marshal and would pose safety concerns in the case of a fire or emergency situation. The Tulsa Fire Marshal has the right to shut down events that exceed the occupancy load. An overage of guests also critically compromises the quality of the event. If an event exceeds the maximum head count, our staff will count heads of arriving guests until the number is met and any additional guests will be turned away at the door.

Q. How does booking work?

A. Dates are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tentative holds are allowed for a 48 hour period for time to review the contract. Once the 48 hour period has expired, the hold is released. To secure a date, TaulCoy Room must receive a completed and signed contract and 30% of the final rental fee. Discussion of dates does not guarantee a reservation.

Q. Can I have both my ceremony and reception indoors?

A. Yes, however weddings with an indoor ceremony AND reception that exceed 250 may require a partial space flip after the ceremony depending on layout selection. The outdoor terrace and patio can be used for cocktail hour after the ceremony in order to accommodate the space flip.

Q. How many hours does the rental fee reserve the space?

A. The rental fee reserves the space for 6 hours for evening events have a start time of 6:00pm Monday- Friday and 10 hours at 2:00pm Saturday and Sunday end time of midnight.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes, TaulCoy Room can divide the total rental fee into payments due on the following schedule: 30% at booking and the remaining installments can be made at your convenience with the final balance due 60 days prior to the event.

Q. What other taxes or fees are the renter responsible for?

A. TaulCoy Room takes care of the taxes. We do not charge a credit card fee. Damage/Cleaning Deposit: A refundable damage deposit of $500 shall be collected at the client’s final meeting in the form of a check, no later than seven (7) days prior to the event date. If no damage or loss of property occurs, the damage deposit shall be returned to the renter in full by mail with 14 days of the conclusion of the event at the address provided below.

Q. Are we responsible for tables, chairs, linens, silverware or plates?

A. TaulCoy Room will provide tables, indoor chairs and outdoor chairs for use included in the rental price. We do not provide linens, silverware or plates.

Q. Can I bring my pet(s)?

A. If your pet is included in your wedding ceremony, it is welcome with prior written approval and an additional pet deposit is required. TaulCoy Room will not be responsible for keeping track or care any pets.

Q. What are the restrictions on decor? What is the policy on candles?

1.  General: All decorations shall be brought in during the rental period. The TaulCoy Room, LLC. does not permit any decorations to be delivered and/or stored prior to the contracted rental period. Decorations may not be hung by staples or screws. The only adhesive material allowed on the walls, floors, or wood pillars is stage/drafting/painters’ tape. All other decorations must be freestanding. All decorations must be removed by the end of the rental period.

2.  Candles: Candles must be contained in a votive or lantern. Open flames are not permitted with the exception of lighting of the unity candle.

3.  Confetti, etc.: The following are prohibited: sand, glitter, paper confetti, fresh rose petals (inside), bubbles (inside), hay, birdseed and silly string. Any items tossed inside or outside must be removed and cleaned by the end of the rental period.

4.  Lighting: The renter is permitted to hang additional lighting inside the venue. Any damages as a result of additional lighting will result in loss of cleaning deposit plus the cost of any damages incurred.

5.  Fireworks: Fireworks are not permitted at TaulCoy Room, LLC, premises with the exception of sparklers. Sparklers are permitted outside and must be lit a MINIMUM of ten (10) feet away from the building and may not be lit inside the building under any circumstance. If utilizing sparklers, the Renter is responsible for bringing a bucket containing water or sand to place the spent sparkler wires after use. Sparklers strewn across the grounds and/or any damage incurred from flames will result in a damage fee.

Q. Do you offer on-site wedding coordination? If so, what services are included and is there an additional charge for them? How much assistance can I get with the setup/décor?

A. A wedding coordinator or decorator is not included with the purchase of reception and/or ceremony, but we can arrange for an additional fee.

Q. Can we rehearse at TaulCoy Room?

A. Yes, the rental fee includes a 1 hour rehearsal time. Rehearsal times are based on venue availability. If an event is booked the evening before your rental, the booked event will take precedence and your rehearsal time will be rescheduled for the morning of your event or an alternate day of the week, per your preference. Your rehearsal day/time will be confirmed 30 days prior to your event.

Q. Is there somewhere for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to get ready?

A. Yes, we offer one main dressing room suite at this time with additional restroom accommodations.

Q. Are there extras charges for cleanup or are the expectations for us to handle clean up on our own?

A. Set up and take down of floors/tables/chairs are included in the price. However, all items brought by you, your vendors, or your guests are to be removed from the indoor space by the end of your rental period. The kitchen and bar should be free of food and beverages and swept, mopped and wiped down. All trash is to be removed and placed in the proper bins located in the parking lot.

Q. Can I hire my own vendors (caterer, coordinator, DJ, etc.)?

A. Yes! You may select all of your favorite vendors.

Q. What is parking like? Do you offer valet parking?

A. The TaulCoy Room has private parking for 300 cars. Valet parking is not included in the rental fee. The renter is responsible for this guest accommodation.

Q. Is your venue ADA accessible?

A. Yes! We even have ramps leading to and from the venue site.

Q. Does your venue provide alcohol?

A. No, Alcohol is not provided or served by TaulCoy Room, LLC. The Renter may provide their own alcohol with proof of Special Event Host Liquor Liability Insurance. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to the event. The TaulCoy Room, LLC requires a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance liability policy for any bartending service or the host. Alcohol cannot be served to minors. If at any time, the catering staff or bartender deems alcohol consumption to be excessive, the staff has the authority to close down all alcohol service and/or evict inebriated guests from the premises. Alcohol service must cease by 11:00pm with no exceptions. Glass beer bottles are not permitted on the premises. A security officer is required with alcohol is served. TaulCoy Room will make the arrangements and the Renter will pay TaulCoy Room a $250 security fee.

Q. Can I set up the day before my wedding or earlier than my rental period start-time on the day of?

A. You will not be permitted to begin set-up the day before your event. All setup will be restricted to the rental period. If extra hours are desired the morning of your event, those can be purchased at $200/hr. A fee of $200/hr with a 1-hour minimum will be applied if early entry or late exit occurs.

Q. Do I meet with someone prior to the event?

A. For weddings and other events, two meetings will be scheduled and those will take place approximately 90 days prior and 10 days prior to the event date. At the 90-day meeting, you are expected to provide a full list of your vendors. Ten days prior to the event, you are expected to provide your final floor plan, final headcount, and final details.

Q. If planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception and rain may be an issue, when must I make a final decision?

A. A final decision must be made by 8:00am on the day of your event. Keep in mind if your guest list exceeds 250, arrangements will need to be made for the catering staff to perform a space flip. There is not enough room to accommodate an all indoor event over 250 without relocating tables after the ceremony has finished.